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What would happen to your team, and your organization, if everyone knew how to change the game – and make success a daily occurrence?


Companies and individuals are looking for more freedom: personal freedom, creative freedom, and freedom to rethink what work really means. From dealing with COVID-19, facing diversity issues, battling burnout, zoom fatigue and more, organizations are stretched thin and must find a way to help their employees find balance and freedom in order to thrive in these unprecedented times. In Success From Anywhere: Create Your Own Future of Work from the Inside Out, bestselling author and veteran Salesforce executive Karen Mangia delivers an eyes-wide-open discussion on the future of work and what it means to find personal and professional success in the new workforce.


Whether you’re in a hybrid environment, or working from home, you know the importance of connection and teamwork. This compelling, practical guide explains how success is something organizations discover from the inside out—creating greater engagement, retention, and professional impact from a new understanding of the future of work. With commentary from business leaders like Tom Peters, as well as guidance from leading scientists like David Eagleman and Kelly McGonigal, Success From Anywhere shows professionals how to build success into every organizational design – regardless of company culture, leadership, or industry—and offers actionable insights on a range of timely and relevant subjects, including:

  • Rethinking the foundations of what work really means, including work-life balance, the future of work, and where peak performance really comes from
  • The origins of intolerance, and how to access greater diversity, inclusion, and belonging inside every organization
  • Creating a high-impact culture in the anxious and stressful pandemic environment by redesigning the game—and creating your own rules
  • How to overcome feelings of constriction and confinement, to find new possibilities, for your own career
  • Getting past the feeling that you have to “do it all” in order to succeed
  • Powerful scientific insights into stress-relief, battling burnout and becoming your best self


Perfect for anyone wanting to create greater professional impact, whether working from home, leading a hybrid team, or just trying to access greater personal freedom, this principles-based guidebook will earn a spot in the libraries of executives, managers, leaders, and employees who care about creating innovative and inclusive organizations.


Discover how to adapt to these changing times and the uncertain times ahead with a new playbook for yourself, your career, and your organization—that playbook is Success From Anywhere.

Success From Anywhere - HARDCOVER

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