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How to Blaze a Trail To Parenthood Without Burning Out

Updated: May 9, 2023

Meet the IVF Warrior Whose Platform Provides Personalized Paths to Parenthood.

“Will I ever become a parent?”

Cheryl Dowling was successful by many measures. Except for the one measure that mattered most to her. Getting pregnant.

And she’s not alone. Even though that’s how she felt.

“I was already struggling with numerous health issues,” she laments. “And then I embarked on an emotional and isolating fertility journey. I recognized, while navigating my path to parenthood, that support and resources for those experiencing fertility issues was fairly non-existent.”

And that’s when a brilliant idea was born.

“I started sharing my story and other stories (about fertility struggles), as well as providing information for those trying to conceive or dealing with different health struggles while trying to grow their family,” she recalls.

What’s Your Story?

“My current platform was born from that adversity,” she explains. “I’ve always been a creative, curious person. My passion for reading and learning really opened my mind to the endless possibilities in life. One of my biggest struggles as a kid was deciding what to do when I grew up. There were so many things that fascinated me, how could I ever pick just one job to do forever?”

After graduation, Cheryl commenced her career as a women’s addiction and mental health counselor. She credits that experience with shaping who she is today. Because she experienced the power of stories. How shared stories are powerful allies to change past patterns. To offer help and hope. And to create choices to move forward.

Storytelling - A True Calling

“After working as a counselor, I took the leap into the digital space. I started as a food blogger, which allowed me to learn the basics of (storytelling) and social media in an industry I was very comfortable in already — food,” she remarks. “My work was shared by large platforms, and I enjoyed dipping my toes into the digital space, gaining confidence as a creator, and learning some lessons along the way.”

Cheryl discovered a sense of community as a full time food blogger. Yet her excitement gave way to exhaustion after trying to be always on all the time.

Setting Boundaries

“I’ve learned that despite wanting to, one person can’t do it all,” she confides. “It’s OK to say no to opportunities that aren’t aligned with your current strategy, mission, or priorities. It’s OK to take a day (or two) off each week, just like everyone else. It’s important to slow down and make time for what matters most. Burnout is real.”

She continues, “I’ve established many personal boundaries including a no phone policy during specific times. Unplugging for a few hours per day helps tremendously. I’ve made it a rule to focus on sharing content during weekdays only, and I take Sundays off completely and treat it as a self-care day. Unplugging allows me to focus on the little things, rest, and feel more energized and creative going into a new week.”

Her new routine was on the verge of delivering new results. Rejuvenation gave way to realizing greater influence and impact. Cheryl directed her storytelling skills to share her struggles with infertility.

A Warrior is Born

Cheryl created The IVF Warrior as a fertility health and wellness platform to connect people globally who are navigating different paths to parenthood. She provides support, resources and empowerment across multiple platforms, using her own expertise and experience.

“The past 3 years have been so busy, fulfilling, chaotic, and magical in countless ways,” she exclaims. “Being able to connect with people while providing hope, support, and resources is very rewarding.”

When I asked Cheryl how she defines ‘success now,’ her motivation became clear: “It’s not in the likes, it’s in the comments, emails, and DMs I receive from others sharing their story and thanking me for what I do. To me, that’s success… knowing that I’m making a difference.”

For more inspiration, find her on Instagram @the.ivf.warrior. Her brand ‘The IVF Warrior’ is also on Facebook and The IVF Warrior website. She’d love to be able to connect with more of you there!

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